Russie Blanche

Russie Blanche combines ancient Russian beauty secrets and wellbeing rituals with cutting edge Russian ingredients all carefully formulated and wrapped-up with French skin care expertise, refinement and sheer luxury.  The result is a balance of performance, pleasure and elegance.


Each Russie Blanche product contains powerful adaptogenous plants and 100% pure and essential oils that take advantage of all their precious benefits…

ADAPTOGENEOUS PLANTS offer a natural medicine to cure various illnesses as well as lower the stresses and daily aggressions that affect our bodies. They efficiently work by increasing the body’s defenses against all kinds of external pressures, helping to strengthen the body’s immunity long-term.

Russie Blanche uses the powerful adaptogens Siberian Golden Root and Siberian Ginseng throughout the range.

Russian medical researchers have long been prescribing Siberian Golden Root to its cosmonaunts, military, sportsman and political leaders to improve cognitive functions yet the findings of research reports has been kept secret until just recently.  Russian researcher, Dr Lazarev, was the first person to ‘officially’ report and define this concept in 1947 whilst studying Ginseng. According to his findings, ‘an adaptogeneous substance increases the resistance of our body to different stresses.’ Many research papers have since reported the powers of these plants.

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