Award-Winning Akwaterra now in the UK

Akwaterra massage with pods

Akwaterra, a carefully crafted and award-winning massage concept synergising earth and water, offers valuable benefits to spas and therapists, total indulgence to guests and is now available in the UK.

Four matching pairs of ergonomically designed sandstone pods are taking the art of massage to a whole new level. Akwaterra presents a unique kit of luxurious massage tools, carefully designed to relieve and soothe muscle tension and induce complete relaxation. Originally devised in the South of France, Akwaterra offers valuable benefits to the Spa and therapists as much as the guest.

An unrivalled guest experience

Using a continuous pleasant warmth to comfort and remove tension, the Akwaterra full body massage can only be described as otherworldly. Filled with water and immersed in a bespoke warming dish, each pair of pods differ in shape and effectively targets specific areas of the body and face, working deeply and effortlessly to soothe and heal whilst removing knots, stress and tension. Rather than using hands, therapists use the warmth of the pods, in conjunction with essential oils, to apply a continuous flow of pressure all over the body. This specialist massage technique brings a fully immersive experience inducing a heavenly sense of peace.
Alternatively, for a reinvigorating well-being treatment to trigger drainage of toxins and stimulate circulation, the pods can be filled with cold water and placed in iced water.

Bliss for therapists

Sharing some similarities with such ancient therapies as hot stones but with added benefits to the spa and therapist, the attractive ceramic set brings with it a beautiful simplicity. The versatility and ease of use make the pods a joy for therapists to handle.

Therapists can apply a variety of massage techniques, with a rhythmical and continuous flow of moves, tailoring pressure as appropriate. The warming plate is fast
to heat the pods to the correct temperature (without being too hot to hold), retaining a consistent heat throughout the treatment and the design of the kit allows for a quick and hygienic turn around between uses.

Since being awarded the prestigious Prix H. Pierantoni award for innovation in 2015, Akwaterra has been in high demand among the world’s leading spas. New to the UK, two premium spas have already added Akwaterra to their menus: Lodore Falls, the stunningly tranquil Lake District Hotel & Spa (voted one of the ’15 Great British Spa Hotels’ by The Times in January 2019); and the highly anticipated new opening, The Langley, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Buckinghamshire.

“We are delighted to be offering such an indulgent, unique and beautiful signature treatment at The Langley Spa. Our therapists have found the Akwaterra a joy to use and are very excited to be incorporating it into our treatments. It will certainly offer our guests ‘a special journey’ they will not have experienced before.”

Alex James, Spa Director, The Langley.

Akwaterra is available to spas and salons exclusively through Spa Voyage, expert purveyors of the finest spa brands.